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I’m always proud to be able to capture life’s important moments for our clients… and so thankful that you appreciate the beauty and honesty of documentary style, candid photography. You offered us SO many beautiful, meaningful moments in 2014 that I feel like I need to take a few minutes to review and reflect on everything we had the opportunity to experience with you.141116lonfpopenhousejgilro-0021-e1421112923377140524awtrey-kinglwrlrm-0034this141122meryllashercelebrationlrm-0052

Even though I’ve been at this for more than a decade, I’m always humbled when Life on Film is chosen to document a sacred ritual or coming of age ceremony like a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This year’s Mitzvah events gave us the chance to capture a unique mix of serious, emotional moments and sheer fun. We saw SO much creativity in the kinds of celebrations families planned. We experienced everything from a Hollywood event worthy of red carpet coverage to a chill, at-home jam session, and lots in between.

Over the course of 2014 I felt privileged to be able to continue working with amazing organizations like The Museum School, where my son is a student, and Flashes of Hope, which inspires us to look for joy in every moment.edita140519fielddaylittleslrm-000210496081_10154279033810526_3624002826414552383_o-2140418jessbutterflyreleaselrm-0042

One really fun part of the year was growing the portrait and wedding part of our business. We covered more truly momentous, life changing events like engagements and weddings than ever before. We shot portrait sessions with passionate newlyweds and sweet, young families. It’s been a joy to capture our clients’ personalities in their photos…and the relationships and special vibe each couple or family has.

One big accomplishment for me and my team was launching our new website for Life on Film Photography. If you haven’t visited yet, please check it out at and let us know what you think!lonfcollateralfrontworkingfile-e1413424660751

And, last but not least, I need to mention a really meaningful moment for me: The grand opening of our new backyard studio in Decatur. This was a labor of love that I was so thrilled to be able to share with friends, family and clients for the first time. The vignettes and activities we incorporated to encourage people to get creative and have fun were a hit at the grand opening celebration and have helped us capture some incredible shots in portrait sessions over the past few months.141116lonfpopenhousejgilro-0095-2

We’re booking outdoor Sunday portrait sessions for the rest of the winter–warmed by our fire pit and sweetened by marshmallow roasting!–and for both spring and summer. Please call us at 678-992-4588 to reserve your spot on the calendar. I can’t thank you enough for helping Life on Film have our most amazing year ever in 2014. We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

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Our portrait session with Katherine, Will and their two girls–Mattie and Lily–was amazing! This family’s loving and fun spirit was a joy to photograph. Their shoot was even more special to me personally because it marked Life on Film‘s first official family portrait session in our new backyard studio!141130kelbaughportraitsjgilrm-0003-2

I couldn’t have hand-picked a family that I’d want to share this “first” with more. I’m lucky to do a lot of work with Katherine in her role as principal at The Museum School. I also got to document Lily’s extreme cuteness over the course of her first year.

Lily absolutely adores big sister Mattie and insisted that we get shots of just the two of them as they explored different spots around the yard.141130kelbaughportraitsjgilrm-0018141130kelbaughportraitsjgilrm-0033

Luckily, once we covered Lily’s personal shot list she decided it would be just fine to take some pictures with her Mom and Dad, too!

Thank you, Katherine and Will, for letting me spend time with your beautiful family! I hope we’ve captured some moments that you’ll treasure forever.

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Over the past month we’ve had the chance to give our new studio a real workout with backyard portrait sessions. One of our favorites was working with Eric and Amanda Tucker, who joined us for their first family portrait session as a married couple. Lyndsey is good friends with the couple and witnessed the beginning of their sweet story as a guest at their September 2013 wedding. She was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot their first family photos.141130tuckerportraitlwrlrm-0029-2

These two are already the quintessential “cute couple”–remember those smiling faces in your high school yearbook?–but they amped up the cute factor even more by including their fur babies in the family shots.141130tuckerportraitlwrlrm-0012-2

The pups, Shelby and Boss, were by and large cooperative and adorable–though at times understandably more interested in exploring the sights and sounds of the yard than having their pictures taken! I’m not sure exactly what had captured Boss’ attention at this very moment, but I’d imagine the chickens were of interest.141130tuckerportraitlwrlrm-0002-2

The camera loved Eric and Amanda’s snuggling up in the hammock for some great casual shots.

In the process they also provided some unexpected gymnastics for the blooper reel…and some great laughs! We might have been worried under other circumstances, but this is one strong duo! Eric is a personal trainer (who actually coached Lyndsey) as well as a natural bodybuilding competitor. He’s now studying to become a nutritionist, and Amanda is training for her first natural figure competition.

In just about every vignette and every shot, Eric and Amanda’s fun personalities — and true love — shined through. It was an honor to shoot their first family photos, and we look forward to documenting more as they continue to forge their path together.

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Last month marked a huge milestone for us: the official grand opening of our new backyard photography studio in Decatur. We held a party to celebrate everyone who contributed time, talent and inspiration to the project and to give all of our friends, family and clients the opportunity to take a peek at how great it turned out. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us!141116lonfpopenhousejgilro-0021-e1421112923377

Somehow we didn’t get the sunshine I ordered, but the cozy fire pit helped take the chill off. The s’mores definitely didn’t hurt, either.Collage

The kids had a blast feeding the chickens and checking out the many other activities we’ve built into the studio, like hopscotch, a hammock, a treehouse and a porch swing.Collage2141116lonfpopenhousejgilro-0056

I’m so grateful that my friend, Nick Edelstein, was able to lend his musical talent. His rendition of Kodachrome and other photo-focused tunes added a really cool vibe to the party while everyone munched and explored the space.Collage3

Mother Nature definitely disappointed with the temperature and gray skies. She at least partially redeemed herself, though, by contributing gobs of leaves for the little ones to enjoy.141116lonfpopenhousejgilro-0089141116lonfpopenhousejgilro-0095

It was really exciting to capture such great shots of friends, family and clients in our very own studio. Lyndsey and I were exuberant when we looked at all of the photos afterwards.

We’re so excited to share our new space with you. If you’d like to come by and take a look, or book an outdoor portrait session, please call us at 678-992-4588.

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We’ve been to a lot of beautiful, memorable Mitzvah celebrations in metro Atlanta–big, small, fancy, quaint, and just about everything in between. We’ve marvelled at parties in elegant event facilities, enjoyed professional entertainment and gourmet catering and seen custom decorations designed by event planners. Each celebration is pretty amazing in its own unique way. Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah, which we had the pleasure of covering last month, was a first for us and equally amazing: An INCREDIBLY cool, creative and personal celebration that took place right in his own home.141025matthewreingoldcelebrationlrm-0167

What do we mean by cool, you may be thinking? For starters, they had a jam session in their own loft with guitars, piano, percussion, a saxophone and clarinet. It was a blast just to witness it and listen in.141025matthewreingoldcelebrationlrm-0057

Kim, Matthew’s Mom, incorporated many creative details into the festivities that lent a warmth while keeping the kids happily engaged. Family and friends gathered for card and board games, and many created inspiring message stones.141025matthewreingoldcelebrationlrm-0149

The celebration also included the Havdallah with the customary candle lighting and spices.

Before the party, both the rehearsal and Bar Mitzvah ceremony took place at Congregation Or Hadash in Sandy Springs, led by Rabbi Mario Karpuj.141024matthewreingoldrehearsallrm-0165141024matthewreingoldrehearsallrm-0117141024matthewreingoldrehearsallrm-0058141024matthewreingoldrehearsallrm-0022-e1415803035831

This family exuded warmth, joy and deep pride in Matthew’s achievements. We are so grateful to have had the chance to capture their special moments.

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