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We wouldn’t have been able to finish the backyard studio without my friend Charlie’s electrical talents, so I was absolutely thrilled to have his wife, Kerri, and two beautiful little girls spend some time with us there. Their photo shoot was really fun…and so sweet!

Collage1150409BrooksJGiLRM-48It was Kaylee and Maddie’s first time visiting the studio so they had a lot to keep them busy. Maddie especially loved the chickens…which she insisted were saying, “Moo!” Priceless and precious.150409BrooksJGiLRM-29The girls found plenty to explore and spots for climbing and balancing. Those unplanned moments ended up being some of my favorite shots.Collage3Our swing is usually a hit with kids but having Kerri and the two girls on it all together was just the sweetest.Collage4The only thing that would have made this more fun is if Charlie and big sister Caroline had been able to join us. We look forward to having them at the next shoot, hopefully before Caroline heads off to college. Thank you, Kerri, for sharing your time and your amazing little girls with me for the afternoon!


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If a kid is smart, stylish and really cool, what kind of Bar Mitzvah does he have? A smart, stylish and super cool one, of course! Asher’s celebration was all of that and more, with a World Cup theme and a fun gang of family and friends.

150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0483Team Asher–including his mom, her best friend and his soon-to-be step-mom–handled the decor, with fabulous results! Badda Bing of Decatur, led by Chef Michael Condon, catered a delicious meal. This event also proved once again that The Solarium is perfect for intimate events where you can get creative with your festivities.150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0159150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0190150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0330

There was something for everyone, big and small. The kids got into the sports theme with some intense competition of their own in the grass out front. The adults chilled out with cocktails outside and great conversation.150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0223

150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0196We had the chance to capture some great family portraits outside The Solarium, along with some casual shots.150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0014

150411AsherPinsCelebrationLRM-0466We loved having the chance to get to know Asher and his family. Thank you for inviting us to capture the many special moments throughout your event!

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We recently spent a beautiful afternoon in the backyard studio shooting Rod and Aerin’s family portraits–the kind of day I’d begun to think would never return to Atlanta. But the warm temperature wasn’t a figment of my imagination, and neither was their family’s awesome energy and personality! Juggling soccer, basketball, running a business, learning to drive–and that’s just for starters–this super-active family is always on the go. I love how that energy came through in their shots!150331FamilyPortraitJGiLRM-2

One of the first things I noticed was how much fun Rod, Aerin and their kids have together. Even the girls get along great–no small feat for three sisters, especially when they range in age from 9 to 22!150331FamilyPortraitJGiLRM-10150331FamilyPortraitJGiLRM-49

If you caught our post on choosing portrait outfits, you may recognize something else about this family: They are beautifully dressed in complementary colors, with small polka dots and stripes to add interest. They look fabulous!150331FamilyPortraitJGiLRM-39

Thank you, Aerin and Rod, for entrusting us with your family portraits.

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Choosing what to wear for your portrait session can be a lot of fun, but the thought of how long you’ll be looking at these outfits in prints on your wall or mantle can also cause some stress. One thing to keep in mind is that you and your family–not your clothes–should be the focus of your pictures. Outfits that look gorgeous and well-coordinated will undoubtedly enhance your portraits, but should not be the very first thing you notice when looking at your pictures. So, how do you achieve that balance?Collage1

To keep the attention squarely on you and your family members, look for shirts in solid colors and small prints. You can coordinate within a single color scheme and throw in a small print to keep it interesting, like in the gorgeous shot on the left. The variations in shade and the small plaid on the little boy’s shirt help each individual stand out. Collage2

Here’s another idea for a color-coordinated portrait look, courtesy of Polyvore. Everyone has colors that look best on them based on their unique skin tone and features, so let that be your guide on the right palette for outfits. One consideration: People’s faces look noticeably brighter in photographs when they wear a shirt that’s at least slightly darker than their complexion. If you’re light skinned that means white may not be the most flattering option, but any dark solid or small print could work well. Dark-skinned people often photograph beautifully in deep jewel tones or black, like in the image below.c600x312

As with all great and beautiful things, there’s a flipside to the outfits above–and it offers a bit of insight on why some potentially amazing portrait sessions end in disappointment (and why sites like are never lacking for content!). In the interest of helping you achieve the pictures you’ve always envisioned, we’d like to share just a few considerations:

  • That large print is stunning…but is it so bold that it draws attention from you and your family? That’s a risk with big florals, plaids, as well as prominent logos, slogans or brand names. The beautiful kids on the left are overshadowed by the large floral print on the girls. And despite the joy depicted in the shot on the right, and well-coordinated clothing palette, the eye jumps right to the big print and bold stripes.Collage4
  • Putting everyone in matching outfits can help keep things simple, but can also have some unexpected, and undesired, results! The beautiful families pictured below were overtaken by an aqua blob and a white blur, respectively. The bottom shot also illustrates how the eye naturally goes to the bright white shirts first rather than the people’s smiling faces.Collage5
  • On the topic of calling attention…it can be helpful for the ladies to be conscious of how revealing their tops are (as a little cleavage may look great, but a lot may distract from everything else in the picture). Tight clothes, super short skirts and short shorts can all fall into the category of options that look stunning as you head out the door but end up appearing bolder and more dramatic than you intended in photographs.

For a variety of picture day outfit ideas in lots of different color palettes, check out the Polyvore website and Maine photographer Michele Stapleton’s Pinterest board. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you’re wondering whether an outfit you’re considering would work well, or if you’re trying to decide between possibilities. Also, don’t forget to reserve your time slot for the upcoming Portraits and Popsicles event in our backyard studio! Happy shopping!

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Have you experienced our new backyard studio yet? Whether you dropped in on our Fall open house or you haven’t had a chance yet, our upcoming Portraits and Popsicles event on April 12th and 19th is the perfect time to pay us a visit!150331amyhineslwrlrm-2

We’re offering mini portrait sessions for $125–including a 30 minute session, sweet treats from King of Pops, 3 high resolution files and a 10% discount on all printing. Space is limited, so click here to reserve your session today! Once you reserve your time, we’ll send you an email with the payment link followed by a confirmation email.150403popsiclesjgilrm-0001150331familyportraitjgilrm-33

Our backyard studio is the perfect location for great family portraits. Featuring the classic elements of water, wood, air and earth, the space is ideal for all families! We’ve also specially designed it for the comfort of those with sensory, physical and mental challenges. The play-based experience makes for amazing photography.150331familyportraitjgilrm-40

We can also take the stress out of finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts! We can have special prints created from your session just in time to give Mom, Grandma and all of the special mothers in your life. We hope to see you at the studio!collage

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