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On Point at Maya’s Bat Mitzvah 

As a photographer, I get to experience some pretty cool locations, but I also have the honor of an invitation to some of the best and most entertaining celebrations of my client’s milestones … even the ones where I am partying with mostly teenagers. In fact, they may have the most fun when it comes to really enjoying the festivities, as most recently evidenced by the Alexander’s awesome party for their daughter Maya at Le Fais Do Do.160123MayaAlexanderCelebrationLRM-0031


If you ever wondered why girls get the reputation for being made of sugar, spice and everything nice, look no farther than sweet Maya’s ballerina-drenched Bat Mitzvah. In fact, if you can pull yourself away from the dreamy desserts table that Zest Atlanta catering company packed with everything from magenta macaroons to pretty pink cake pops and decadently dipped Oreos, you won’t find anything in the room that wasn’t supremely nice.  


Speaking of sweet, that includes the members of the Alexander family. Maya’s the middle child in and is just as sweet as her older sister Lenore, who also has a knack for creating artistic party themes, as her mitzvah was centered around paintings and art. Not to be outdone by his sisters, the youngest sibling, Nolan is certain to have his own style in a few years. In fact, he was a pretty impressive as my assistant director, helping pose his sisters at Maya’s portrait session.

But it’s not like the Alexanders to sit still for long – and that goes for all generations. One of the best parts about this party was that when you needed to take a break from the food, there was an incredible DJ from EsPeuté Productions, who kept the dance floor vibe as irresistible as those macaroons. I love seeing a pro that can get absolutely everyone moving; and in this case, even after the ballerinas cleared some room, the family stepped in and danced until the lights came on. That was something I will never forget!

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